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340B Compliance Partners

Your responsive, reliable and thorough partner

through the complexities of the 340B program.

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340B Compliance Partners | Education & Guidance 


340B Compliance Partners is a pharmacist-owned and operated private company. Guidance and audits are provided by seasoned pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to more closely resemble the current HRSA 340B program audits. We are committed to a beneficial partnership to improve your program and will be responsive, reliable and thorough with a truly independent lens to review all things 340B. Our corporate slogan states our mission and what we provide as your partner:

"The guidance you want.

The analysis you need." 

340B Services Include:

Working with all types of CEs 
Work with all TPAs, sign NDAs 
Initial Program Setup and Registrations 
340B Coordinator Training 
Annual Mock HRSA Audits 
Customized Monthly Service Plans

(Become Part of Your 340B Team) 
C-Suite and Staff Education
Report Card for 340B Program Setup

(TPA Settings/Approach/Expansion)
340B P&P Creation
Facilitate Oversight Committee Meetings (Provide Agenda and Minutes)
HRSA audit support and guidance



No two covered entities are at the same point in their 340B journey, so you can count on 340B Compliance Partners to work with you to create a customized partnership plan.


340B Program Report Card will allow remote and on-site analysis of the 340B Program setup with review of TPA settings, TPA contracts, PSAs for contract pharmacy, 340B P&P, internal and external oversight plan and finally provide a report card to the leadership. Provision of education is a stand alone service and incorporated into our annual audits.

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Our Knowledge &


We speak the languages of 340B and Pharmacy – the same language as auditors – allowing us to provide comprehensive audit preparation instead of marking-off the boxes of a checklist. 

In fact, our team consists of professionals in the field, people who have administered a 340B program and have been on the front lines from set-up to the addition of contract pharmacies and child sites, through real HRSA audits – all from the covered entity’s perspective. 

Invaluable experience that provides unrivaled success.


We used 340B Compliance Partners for our annual external 340B audit for the first time this year.  The experience was very valuable. They literally do a mock HRSA audit so that you are prepared for an actual HRSA audit should you face one.  They work very closely with the 340B industry and have a wealth of experience to share.  We felt fortunate to have partnered with them and learned a ton during the process.  We are so satisfied that we are planning to partner with them for their referral service and also to have them help us manage our program throughout the year.  The staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional and their backgrounds in pharmacy really ranks them far above other auditing services we have used in the past. Their prices are extremely reasonable too!

- Laura Everhart, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy

 Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

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