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Our motto says it all, contact us today for more information on our services and plans.

340B Academy

Expert 340B training for compliance and program optimization.

340B Boot Camp

Enlist in the 340B Boot Camp and march towards compliance victory!

340B File Automation

Automate 340B files for efficient compliance management and reporting.

Annual Independent Audits

Comprehensive annual independent audit for all entity types.

Contract Negotiation Assistance

Expert assistance negotiating contract pharmacy/TPA agreements for optimal savings.

Manufacturer Exclusions

Excluded manufacturer claims data submission and 340B pricing monitoring.

Monthly Audits

Assure continuous program compliance via our monthly audit service.

Oversight Committee

Management of oversight committees ensuring key stakeholder involvement.

Policy and Procedure Creation

Streamline 340B compliance with expert policy and procedure creation.


Strategic management of referrals queues to maximize potential 340B revenue.

TPA Implementation Assistance

Thorough vetting of third-party administrators, eliminating the burden of vendor selection.

And Much More

Explore an array of additional 340B services and beyond!


Built for your organization


Annual independent audit

Annual 340B education session

Separate hourly rates for à la carte services more!


Everything in Bronze

Audit fee parsed over 12 months

Available for advisement throughout the year more!


We become part of your 340B team

Electronic systems familiarization

Policy & Procedure maintenance

340B committee meeting oversight,

including agenda and minutes

340B vendor selection assistance

TPA functionality analysis

Review ongoing monthly audits

Reports created for leadership

Flat monthly fee

Annual audit discount more!


Everything in Gold

Perform ongoing monthly audits

Missed opportunities analysis

Additional annual audit discount more!

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