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340B Compliance Partners is focused entirely on the 340B program — this is our business. Your entity needs a responsive, reliable and thorough partner to comply with all the complexities of the program.


Why choose us? We speak the language of pharmacy and 340B. All employees are pharmacists or pharmacy technicians who have completed or are in the process of completing the 340B Operations Certification from Apexus. We have been on the side of a covered entity, involved in the detailed operations of 340B and have been audited by HRSA.


We have provided consultative services to guide others through a HRSA audit as well as partnered to revamp policies and procedures and analyze contract pharmacy arrangements and details of those contracts.

Our mission is to help covered entities
feel confident in their program integrity

Without spending a large portion of 340B savings on independent audits and consultants to do so. Some of our staff have been part of one of the fastest growing DSH covered entities with an increase of contract pharmacies from simply an employee pharmacy to well over 65 contract pharmacies in a span of 3 years. Pharmacy personnel are by nature detail oriented and you need this level of analysis to annually examine your program under a microscope to look for opportunities for improvement proactively.

Business Meeting

Meet Sherri D. Faber

President and CEO of 340B Compliance Partners, 

Sherri D. Faber is an Apexus 340B Advanced Operations Certified Expert, having completed the rigorous curriculum that combines a comprehensive understanding of federal 340B policy with best practices for efficient, compliant program operations.


Since earning her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from West Virginia University and her Master of Health Administration from Ohio University, Sherri has garnered more than 30 years of institutional pharmacy experience, including more than a decade as a Director of Pharmacy. 


In addition to serving as a remote and on-site consultant for facilities navigating a HRSA audit, Sherri has also directed 340B operations at DSH facilities, her team has partnered with DSH, CAH, SCH, FQHC, and CH Covered Entities and served as speaker on 340B audits at a multi-state pharmacy conference.


The frontline successes include expanding a DSH 340B program from just an entity-owned employee pharmacy to over 70 contract pharmacy locations with clinics converting to provider-based, and becoming Joint Commission compliant.

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Sherri D. Faber, RPh, MHA  - President & CEO 

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